Random animation I made.

2016-04-30 20:19:04 by Scratchanstuff


Been working on this random piece of animation, i just wanted see how a space ship would look like if i made it fly from the ground.  

Im actually going to make something out of this, only in the future.

See you, Space cowboy


Scratchanstuff speaking!

Hello!, when i came here, i didn't really know what to expect, and i was kinda scared of publishing my animations in here (Especially because it didn't even take me a day to make), but instead of the hate i thought i was going to get, i got a lot of people actually enjoying my work, and honestly, that's all i ever wanted in my life.

I'm gonna keep publishing my work in here (And my youtube channel, you're welcome to suscribe), i can only put much more effort on my future animations and hopefully i'll make a couple of fans that'll follow me, and for them and you i'd do anything, as i said, this is all i've ever wanted, to be recognised for my art (Cartoons for that matter) and actually make people forget about life, which can be hard, for a while.

That's all i wanted to say, thank you very much, whoever is reading this, and as i said, you're more than welcome to suscribe to my youtubes to make it easier for you to catch on my new stuff!, you can click HERE if you want to check that out.

I'll see you soon, whoever you are!